Mayim Bialik weight loss noted on Yom Kippur: How veganism, no-diet, religious fasting may hel 'Big Bang Theory' Amy Fowler stay thin

Amy Farrah Fowler is the "Big Bang Theory" big girl but the actress Mayim Bialik, who plays her isn't. On her blog, Bialik has kvetched about diet and weight loss and kvelled on the joy of food--but protestations aside, Bialik's face looks thinner. It's most noticeable on Mayim's Kveller Yom Kippur (October 11-12, 2016) posts. How vegan lifestyle, High Holy Days fasting can help weight loss.    Mayim Bialik weight loss noted on Yom Kippur: no-diet 'Big Bang Theory' Amy Fowler is thin

Val Kilmer weight loss horrors: what's behind Kilmer's mysterious gaunt body, weight gain?

Val Kilmer has experienced one of the most shocking cases of celebrity weight loss ever. As a buff and sexy hottie in "Willow," "Batman," and "Top Gun" Kilmer literally ballooned to unrecognizable. But then Kilmer was spotted not too long ago looking positively gaunt and sickly thin. Being a very private person, he kept mum about rumors of illness. But the whole story of Kilmer's weight loss was revealed recently and it involves a poignant look inside Kilmer's faith--Christian Science and his desire to obety God in matters of health. Val Kilmer weight loss horrors: what's behind Kilmer's mysterious gaunt body, weight gain?

Jimmy Kimmel weight loss shows weird rule-breaking 5:2 Fast Diet, no exercise works

Talk show host and comedian Jimmy Kimmel debuted fabulous weight loss which he's managed to keep off as per his Emmy blooper reel. Kimmel announced that the secret of his success was down to a weird rule-breaking diet and no exercise, believe it or not. Quite simply, the Jimmy Kimmel Live host follows the 5:2 Fast Diet, fasting twice a week and eating normally on the other five days. Despite doctors' hand-wringing, Kimmel proved his unorthodox methods really work.   Jimmy Kimmel weight loss shows weird rule-breaking 5:2 Fast Diet, no exercise works
On October 4 the Catholic Church celebrates the Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi. Among other things under his patronage, St. Francis is the patron saint of animals. On his feast day, some Catholic churches and schools observe a charming little rite known as the blessing of pets. Visit Real Life at Home for free printable St. Francis lesson plans in a packet. Print games, coloring pages, activities and worksheets of saints. Learn connections to Pope Francis, who is a Franciscan and has taken his name from Francis of Assisi. Print a liturgical calendar of Catholic saints, including Saint Francis, free from Catholic playground. For free printable animal coloring pages, visit Coloring Book Fun. National Geographic Kids has realistic animal coloring pages from A-Z to print. This link opens on the animals A-I page but click the link at the bottom for coloring pages of animals from J-Z.

Prayer intentions: Sinking Spring family of 5 including heart transplant baby dead in murder-suicide

Here is a situation that needs your prayers, Catholic friends. A Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania couple's struggle to find meds for their heart transplant child has ended in tragedy. Parents Mark and Megan Short and their three children were found dead in what police say was murder-suicide. Mark Short, 40, Megan Short, 33, Lianna Short, 8, 5-year-old Mark Jr., and baby Willow Short who was 2, were all found shot to death, with the handgun responsible laying near one of the parents. What's even sadder is that a friend said she saw that mom Megan Short claimed abuse by her husband on Facebook and was planning to leave her him just days before the deaths. Sinking Spring: Short family of heart transplant baby dead in murder-suicide

Free printable Catholic Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary coloring pages, activities, worksheets

August 15 is the Catholic Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Catholic honor Mary the Mother of God when she was assumed into heaven. This day is one of the Church's six holy days of obligation. Here are free printable Catholic Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary coloring pages and activities. Print crafts, coloring pages, lessons, games, puzzles, prayers and devotions. Orthodox Christians honor the Virgin Mary too and might use these printables.
Catholic Mom is devoted to helping Catholic parents learn more about their faith and teach children about theirs. Here are free printable Feast of the Assumption lesson plans. There are Sunday mass readings, coloring pages, worksheets, craft projects, lessons and more.
Family Holiday has dozens of free printable Assumption of Mary coloring pages plus coloring pages from the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary. There are coloring pages in different designs, showing her in different apparitions and images. Some look like stained glass. Have children color these as the holiday draws near. This will help them understand who the Virgin Mary is and how she intercedes for us.
Catholic Playground has free printable Catholic lesson plans and activities pages. There are puzzles, worksheets, lessons, games, prayers, Bible readings and other activities for children to enjoy.
Create a homeschool unit on the Blessed Virgin Mary for Catholic education. Or use in parochial schools or CCD. These lessons will work for other Marian feast days like the Feast of the Immaculate Conception or Solemnity of Mary.

Cheap wedding dresses under $100: Budget wedding gowns, cheap bridal gowns |

Planning a budget wedding? Good girl--you're smart. You're doubtless looking for cheap bridal gowns. I'm the bargain-minded bride's go-to gal for cheap bridal gowns under $100. Some online vendors offer free shipping, too and that will help you get cheap wedding dresses under $100. Check these sources for cheap bridal gowns.   Cheap wedding dresses under $100: Budget wedding gowns, cheap bridal gowns |

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